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Bus Travel To and From Preschool Procedure


This procedure relates to the use of school bus services for the purposes of attending preschool for children enrolled at Wellington Public School Preschool.

Legislative Requirements

·         National Quality Standard

    • Standard 2.2 – Safety – Each child is protected
    • Standard 7.1 – Governance – Governance supports the operation of a quality services.

Who is affected by this Procedure?

Parents/guardians and staff at WPS Preschool



  • Travel to and from preschool by school bus is a private arrangement made between parents and the bus service (Ogdens Coaches). 
  • Responsibility for children travelling to and from preschool on a school bus must be accepted by the parents. 
  • It is recommended that a child enrolled at WPS Preschool only use the school bus service if accompanied by an older sibling or other designated school student with arrangements made between families.
  • For children who will be travelling by bus to and from preschool, it is a requirement that parents/guardians sign a bus permission form available as part of the enrolment process, prior to the child’s attendance at the service.
  • It is a parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to inform WPS Preschool staff, preferably in writing or phone call, if travel arrangements alter. 
  • Parents/guardians must arrange with Ogden’s Coaches if your child is to travel by bus.  Parents/guardians are to ensure the bus company knows when and if your child will be travelling by bus.  You may be charged for using the bus service.



Related Policies/Procedures

  • Delivery and collection of children procedure


This procedure will be reviewed annually.  Review will be conducted by School Principal, Preschool Staff, parents/carers and any interested parties.