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Procedure for Dealing With Incident, Injury, Illness and Trauma


Wellington Public School Preschool and all educators can effectively respond to and manage accidents, illness and emergencies which occur at the service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, educators and visitors.

Legislative Requirements

·         Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010

·         Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

o   12 Meaning of serious incident

o   85 Incident, injury, trauma and illness policies and procedures 

o   86 Notification to parents of incident, injury, trauma and illness  87 Incident, injury, trauma and illness record 88 Infectious diseases  89 First aid kits  97 Emergency and evacuation procedures

o   161 Authorisations to be kept in enrolment record 

o   162 Health information to be kept in enrolment record 

o   168 Education and care service must have policies and procedures

o   174 Prescribed information to be notified to Regulatory Authority

o   176 Time to notify certain information to Regulatory Authority


Links to the National Quality Standard

·         Quality Area 2: Children’s Health and Safety

o   Standard 2.1.2: Health Practices & Procedures


Who is affected by this Procedure?

This procedure applies to the Principal, educators, staff, students on placement, volunteers, parents/guardians, children and others attending the programs and activities of Wellington Public School Preschool, including during offsite excursions and activities.




This procedure at WPS Preschool will be followed by educators and staff of, and volunteers at WPS Preschool in the event that a child -

(a) is injured; or

(b) becomes ill; or

(c) suffers a trauma.

Educators will ensure that that a parent of a child is notified as soon as practicably possible and without undue delay. Parents will be notified no later than 24 hours of the injury, illness or trauma.

An Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Record will be completed without delay (attached to this procedure).  A folder containing these forms is located in the kitchen area of the service.

First aid kits will be easily recognised and readily available where children are present at the service and during excursions.  They will be suitably equipped having regard to the hazards at the service, past and potential injuries and size and location of the service. 

We will ensure first aid, anaphylaxis management training and asthma management training is current and updated as required, and that all components of the first aid certificate are current if some require an earlier revision. 

These qualifications will be displayed at the service where they can be easily be viewed by all educators and staff.

First aid qualified educators will be present at all times.  Educators are to perform first aid within the limits of the training they received.  They will never exceed their qualifications and competence when administering first aid.

If there is an accident, illness or injury requiring first aid, the following response procedure will be implemented:

·         Educator or staff member notifies Teacher/Director and a first aid qualified educator of the incident, illness or injury

·         Teacher/Director or first aid qualified educator reviews child’s medical information including any medical information disclosed on the child’s enrolment form, medical management plan or medical risk minimisation plan before the first aid qualified educator attends to the injured or ill child or adult. 

·         If the illness or incident involves asthma or anaphylaxis, an educator with approved asthma or anaphylaxis training will attend to the child or adult

·         Educators  supervise and care for children in the vicinity of the incident, illness or injury

·         If required, first aid qualified educator or Teacher/Director notifies and co-ordinates ambulance

·         If required, Teacher/Director notifies parent or authorised nominee that child requires medical attention from a medical practitioner

·         Teacher/Director to notify School Principle if this action was necessary

·         If a child is displaying signs of illness, Teacher/Director will contact parent or authorised nominee to come and collect their child to prevent the spread of any potential infectious disease

·         Teacher/Director ensures Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Record is completed in full and without delay and parent or authorised nominee is notified as soon as possible and within 24 hours of the injury, illness or trauma.  


First Aid Kit Guidelines

Any First Aid kit at the service must –

·         Not be locked.

·         Be appropriate for the number of employees and children and adequate for the immediate treatment of injuries at the service.

·         Be in a place that takes an employee no longer than two minutes to reach, including time required to access secure areas.

·         Be constructed of resistant material, be dustproof and of sufficient size to adequately store the required contents

·         Be capable of being sealed and preferably be fitted with a carrying handle as well as have internal compartments.

·         Contain a list of the contents of the kit.

·         Be regularly checked using the First Aid Kit Checklist to ensure the contents are as listed and have not deteriorated or expired.

·         Have a white cross on a green background with the words 'First Aid' prominently displayed on the outside.

·          Be easy to access and if applicable, located where there is a risk of injury occurring.

·         Display emergency telephone numbers

·         First Aid kits must be taken on excursions and be attended by First Aid qualified educators.

·         Be maintained in proper condition and the contents replenished as necessary.

Related Policies

NSW Department of Education Preschool Handbook – January 2016



This procedure will be reviewed annually.  Review will be conducted by School Principal, Preschool Staff, parents/carers and any interested parties.