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Supervision Procedure


Wellington Public School Preschool is committed to ensuring the safety of all children in our care.  This procedure governs the manner in which educators will supervise the indoor and outdoor preschool environments.

Legislative Requirements

·         Education & Care Services National Law

·         Education & Care Services National Regulations 2011

Links to the National Quality Standard

·         Quality Area 2 – Children’s Health & Safety

o   Standard 2.2.1 – Supervision


Who is affected by this Procedure?

All educators employed at Wellington Public School Preschool to care for and educate children enrolled at our service.



·         Wellington Public School Staff participate in a preschool induction, to ensure they have an understanding of policies, procedures and expectations whilst on duty, medical conditions and any children identified as high risk.

·         Duty rosters always reflect a ratio of a minimum of 1:10, with a teacher on duty at all times, assisted by an additional educator. Preschool educators are relieved by school staff for meal breaks.

·         Children with a behavioural support plan, risk management plan or health care plan, will be monitored closely.

·         Educators are aware that they need to position themselves in a way that ensures all children can be seen in the indoor and outdoor environments at any time. 

·         A risk assessment for the preschool environment has been developed and is communicated clearly to educators. 

·         Whenever possible, the Release from Face to Face (RFF) teacher is Early Childhood trained and replaces the Preschool teachers for 4 hours each per week, on Wednesdays.

·         Excursions and activities near water are planned, with regulatory ratios in mind. Risk assessments are conducted and approved by the Nominated Supervisor before the excursion is approved.

·         Preschool supervision is reviewed on a daily basis, depending on the children in attendance on any particular day. Children with additional needs are closely monitored and behaviour and risk management plans, communicated to staff and closely followed.


Related Policies/Procedures

            NSW Department of Education Preschool Handbook – January 2016


This procedure will be reviewed annually.  Review will be conducted by School Principal, Preschool Staff, parents/carers and any interested parties.