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Delivery and Collection of Children Procedure


This procedure relates to delivery and collection of children at Wellington Public School Preschool.  It is the responsibility of staff and families to ensure the safe arrival and departure of children from the education and care setting.  Practical and safe approaches will promote a smooth transition between the child’s home and preschool, and confirms children’s presence or absence from the service.

Legislative Requirements

·         Education & Care Services National Law Act 2010

·         Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

Links to the National Quality Standard

  • Quality Area 2 – Children’s Health & Safety
    • Standard 2.2.1 - Supervision
  • Quality Area 7 – Governance & Leadership
    • Standard 7.1.2 – Management Systems


In this policy, “attendance record” is the record kept by the service to record details of each child attending the service including the name, time of arrival and departure, signature of the person delivering and collecting the child from the service.

In this policy, “authorised nominee” refers to a person who has been given written authority by the parents/guardians of a child to collect that child from the education and care service.  These details will be on the child’s enrolment form.  An authorised nominee must be aged 18 years or over.

In this policy, “staff” refers to staff employed at Wellington Public School Preschool and executive staff members at Wellington Public School.



Who is affected by this Procedure?

Parents/guardians, staff at Wellington Public School Preschool,

Strategies for Implementation

  • As part of the enrolment process, parents/guardians provide the names and contact information of people they would like to elect as authorised nominees who are able to collect the child from the service.  Any changes to these authorities must be advised in writing to the service by the parent/guardian as soon as possible.
  • Children enrolled at Wellington Public School Preschool need to be collected by a person aged 18 years or over.  This will not apply if the child’s parent is under the age of 18.
  • Staff will ensure that children do not leave the service except with the parent/guardian or authorised nominee.  The parent/guardian must advise staff at WPS Preschool if an authorised nominee will be collecting the child from the service.  If the person is not known by staff, they will be asked to provide photo identification.
  • Children will not be taken outside the service premises or school grounds on an excursion except with the written authorisation of a parent/guardian or authorised nominee.
  • The parent/guardian or authorised nominee who brings the child to WPS Preschool or collects the child from WPS Preschool must sign/initial/print name and the child’s times of arrival and departure.

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This procedure will be reviewed annually.  Review will be conducted by School Principal, Preschool Staff, parents/carers and any interested parties.